FAQ - Artists

1. When I log in, it says “Sorry, unrecognized username or password”. What should I do?

Make sure you are using the right username and/or password. I you forgot it, click “HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD?”. A new password will be sent by email to you.

2.How do I apply for exhibiting my artworks on Onsitegallery?

First, you have to apply as an artist on Onsitegallery. This can be done through clicking on "apply as an artist” on the home page. Consequently a wizard will guide you through the registering pages. You will have to complete your artist profile, upload at least 3 artworks in high resolution photography (check also “how to photograph my artwork”), describe your art, fix prices for originals and limited editions, and upload a valid identification document.  After 2 weeks you will be informed if you have been approved by Onsitegallery’s expert team and advisory board.

3. Why do I have to apply for exhibition on Onsitegallery?

Onsitegallery.com wishes to guarantee the quality and consistency of the posted artworks and ensure that the artists who apply are serious and committed. Our curator board consists of academy professors, renowned artists and art experts. When your artwork is accepted, it gives you a quality stamp and increases your market value.

4. Can artists from outside Europe apply for exhibition on Onsitegallery?

However Onsitegallery is mainly focussing on European artists, we are open to artists from around the globe working in any art category. 

5. What’s in for me as an artist? How do I fix my selling prices?

When fixing your selling prices, of course first check the market value of your artwork and compare with your colleagues to make sure it’s competitive and price-worth.  Also take into account that the shippping costs are included in the selling price. When adding an artwork, you will see a flat fee for the shipping costs to be taken into account. Once your artwork is being sold, Onsitegallery will collect the selling amount from the buyer and charge you 30% of the selling price for brokerage (excl. VAT) and deduct the flat fee for shipping if Onsitegallery takes care of collecting and shipping the artwork (we may agree that the Artist takes care of shipping him- or herself)

6. What kind of artwork do you show?

Any category, style, size, and media is welcome to our gallery, as long as it fits within the technical limitations of the website (e.g. video art is not yet possible) and/or physical limitations of mobility and transportation. We make sure our advisory board consists of a balanced mix of experts in all art disciplines.

7. How to sell LIMITED EDITIONS?

If you want to sell limited editions, you have to mark the selection box “I want to sell limited editions” when uploading your artworks.  You can then decide on the surface to be printed on, the available number of prints and choose if you will print yourself or have Onsitegallery print for you on a chosen surface. If you let us print for you, we work together with an outstanding digital print office, using the latest digital printing technology on different types of paper, canvas and solid materials. The cost for printing will be charged to you and deducted from the amount collected from the Customer.

ns, it is extremely important to upload a very high quality photograph in high resolution.  If your photograph would not match the required quality standards to make digital prints, we will contact you personally by email and request you to upload a better picture. 

8. How will my artworks be promoted?

Of course Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key for us to make sure we get high Google and alternative search engine rankings. We combine SEO with Search Engine Advertising (SEA). On top of that we send out email alerts to our members.  We are present in art & lifestyle magazines, newspapers and keep our Twitter and Facebook presence up-to-date. We will physically present on (affordable) art & design fairs all over Europe.

9. Where is Onsitegallery based?

We are based near Antwerp, Belgium but are mainly a virtual gallery.  From time to time, we might pop-up during art & design fairs and events.

10. How many artists does Onsitegallery represent?

Our aim is to represent about 500 artists in 2-3 years from now. But basically the quality of the artworks remains our key driver rather than the number of artists online.

We also greatly value the personal contact with you as an artist in order to better understand and promote your artwork.

11. If I exhibit my work at Onsitegallery, do I have the right to look for alternative gallery exhibition?

Onsitegallery has the exclusive “online” right to the artworks displayed on the website. This is important in order to prevent the risk of selling the same piece of art to two different clients. Nevertheless, you can you still exhibit your artwork physically at your home or in a gallery while displaying it on onsitegallery.com.

12. What happens when my artwork is sold?

You will receive an email and/or a call to inform you about the sale. You then need to pack your artwork, following the packing instructions on the website (check “how to pack my artwork”) We will propose a date and time to pick up your work by an express delivery provider (DHL, UPS,…) or agree that you will ship the artwork yourself.

13. When do I get payed for my artwork?

We pay out by bank transfer or PayPal within 30 days after delivery and acceptance of the artwork to the customer.

14. Who keeps the copyrights after the work has been sold?

When you upload your artwork, you will be asked to confirm that you own the copyright of your artwork; otherwise it will not be possible to exhibit it on Onsitegallery. Of course, once exhibited online, you keep your copyrights of your artwork.

15. Can customers outside the European Union buy my artworks?

 Of course we sell and ship worldwide, however the necessary tax formalities will have to be fulfilled.

16. Can customers send the artwork back within a certain timeframe?

Customers can send back artworks within 7 days after delivery, so they have the time to present it in their homes. If a work is returned (only very few artworks are being sent back), we will inform you and ship the artwork back to you.

17. What happens if your artwork is being damaged during shipment?

Every artwork is insured for its full value, so do not worry. Make sure your packaging is OK (check “how to pack my artwork”)

18. How do I post more artworks when I am already exhibiting my work at Onsitegallery?

Once you are approved as an exhibiting artist (see “2. how do I apply for exhibiting my artworks on Onsitegallery”),  you can upload more artwork through the link “Add art” which can be found in the top right section of the homepage or under the artists section at the bottom.  Clear instructions how to photograph your artwork can be found under the “artist guidelines” section.

19. Do I need to sign my artwork?

Of course we advise you to sign your piece of art. It adds value and supports your reputation as an artist.

20. More questions?

Please email us at info@onsitegallery.com


Onsitegallery is a European art platform where talented artists sell their art online at affordable prices. Our artists are selected by an advisory board of art experts.

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Onsitegallery is a European art platform where talented artists sell their art online at affordable prices. Our artists are selected by an advisory board of art experts.

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