Why buy art online?

People around the globe are getting more and more familiar with buying art online. In the United States, around 250M€ of online art revenues were generated in 2012 (estimate Onsitegallery).

So what makes you still hesitant to buy art online? Is it because you cannot see or “feel” the artwork you are interested in? Is it because you do not know or trust the artist? Maybe you suspect that the artwork might not be genuine? Or maybe you are afraid that, once delivered, the online available artwork will differ from what you expected? Many arguments are understandable but seem to vanish quickly when looking at the advantages of buying art over the Internet.

Buying art online differs from buying something like a new TV set or Smartphone, as in that case you always have the possibility to go to a local store to see the device, after which you can buy it online at the lowest available price. This is of course not the case with an original artwork, which is a unique product. If you want to see the artwork “live” before buying it, you will have to visit the artist who may be located remotely, in another country or even on another continent.

To try and make up for this inconvenience, online galleries provide detailed information about the artists, and their curriculum, art portfolio, inspiration, and way of working. In some cases, you can even download movies from the artists’ studio. And of course, if you Google the artist’s name, you get all the information you need about the artist and his or her works. You can even compare prices! But foremost, a gallery like Onsitegallery has selected artists, supported by professional art experts, which guarantees the quality and authenticity of the artists and artworks you are buying online.

Onsitegallery also offers advanced on-screen visualisation of the artworks. For example, zooming in on the painting or photograph in high resolution allows you to see the artwork’s smallest details. Also, pictures of detailed parts of the artworks are available, e.g. taken from the back or presented on a wall. People are getting more and more trained in judging art from a computer or tablet screen, as the quality of LED screens are constantly improving.

On top of that, most online galleries offer a flexible return policy, allowing you to send the artwork back within a certain timeframe. Onsitegallery offers a 7-day return policy in this respect. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back to the artist without any explanation.
The main advantage of buying art online is definitely having access to a wide choice of artists and artworks from all around the world, without leaving your home or office. Artists that were previously inaccessible immediately become available to potential buyers around the world. At the same time, online galleries offer to both sellers and buyers secure shipping and payment facilities.

Also the prices become more transparent through the online galleries. In a traditional gallery, it is not always clear how the prices are set and how they stand in comparison to other artists and/or similar artworks. Online, it is easy to compare the price setting with that of other artists and even between galleries. At Onsitegallery, even the shipping costs are included in the selling prices!

Buying art online makes it possible to discover great artists and pieces which would never have become available through a traditional gallery. And foremost, the prices are affordable! Onsitegallery is clearly taking the lead in the European market for online affordable art.

So why would you still hesitate to buy your next artwork online? Just go for it!


Onsitegallery is a European art platform where talented artists sell their art online at affordable prices. Our artists are selected by an advisory board of art experts.

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Onsitegallery is a European art platform where talented artists sell their art online at affordable prices. Our artists are selected by an advisory board of art experts.

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